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Financial planning services

Assess your current situation and layout your objectives so you can start to achieve your short and long term goals. Talk to Hatchet Investments in Manchester for more information

Minimise risk

Investment opportunities

Tax planning

What does a financial planner do?

Rather than offer advice on specific products, our financial planners will look at the bigger picture. Taking into account savings, investments and other assets, our team in Manchester can give you expert advice tailored to your individual circumstances and priorities. We will look at key factors including your current income and expenditure to ensure you have the finances you need in the future. We know that circumstances can change, which is why we will regularly review your plan to ensure that you're still on track to get to your goals.

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Taking care of tax

Tax efficiency is a key part of successful financial planning. Our specialists in Manchester will make sure that you're making the most of available tax allowances to reduce your liability and achieve your aims. Why pay more than you have to? Speak to Hatchet Investments and see how you could change the future of your finances

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Our financial planners can look at key factors including:

  • Planning for retirement

  • Inheritance tax and estate planning

  • Wealth management

  • Tax liability reduction

  • Commercial and business finance

  • Investment advice

  • Life assurance and pension planning

  • Debt management

Bespoke solutions for your financial needs

Whether you need retirement and pensions advice, support with inheritance tax and estate planning, guidance when selling your business, would like to invest for children or achieve other goals, at Hatchet Investments, you are the priority. We know that a one size fits all approach simply isn't right, which is why we'll take the time to put together a tailored financial plan that's unique to you. Talk to our team in Manchester, and we will make sure that your wealth and your assets are organised in the most effective and tax-efficient way.

Hatchet Investments - financial planning done properly

Set yourself up to succeed. Talk to our team in Manchester today.

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