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Pension advice

You've earned it, and Hatchet Investments can give you expert pension advice to help you make the most of what you've worked hard for. To find out more or to arrange an initial consultation, talk to our team in Manchester today.

Reduce tax liability

Full pension planning

Wealth management

Protect your pension pot

It's natural to worry about your nest egg and how much money you'll have when you retire. At Hatchet Investments, we work with clients across Manchester to improve their financial wellbeing. We can give you impartial guidance on how to get the most out of your pension, including how to make sure it's as tax efficient at possible. It's never too early to start planing for the future, so even if your retirement isn't currently on the horizon, we can still help you start planning and preparing for when you're ready. Make sure you've put everything in place. Get in touch today.

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Personalised pension advice

Our tailored pension advice is designed to keep your money working hard, even when you're not. We know that pension plans aren't always easy to understand, however we can guide you through them, creating a tailored retirement plan that won't end up putting your money at risk.

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We offer a range of pension advice,

  • Financial planning

  • Investment management and recommendations

  • Risk management

  • Tax liability reduction

  • Pensions and savings planning

  • Trust and estate planning

  • Retirement income planning

Make better financial decisions

The key to making better financial decisions is having all the information. Planning, management and advice are what we do, and our financial specialists can give you the best options based on what you're hoping to achieve. We monitor the market on your behalf, so if there are other products or services available, we'll let you know. Everyone has their own ideas on what they'd like to do when they retire, and our tailored advice will always take this into account.

Proper planning can help protect your pension

Ask one of the experts at Hatchet Investments in Manchester about your options. Call us on

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